Charity Action Group

The Charity Action Group (CAG) was set up some 40 years ago to manage the requests for charitable donations that were frequently received by Phyllis Court Club. The proceeds raised have grown annually as the profile of the Charity Action Group has increased and Members are made aware of the efforts made by the group.

The CAG is the ‘Public Face of Phyllis Court’ and shows the community that we are a philanthropic Club. All Members of Phyllis Court are invited to attend CAG events, and support the chosen charities for that year. 

At the end of each year the CAG decides which charities will benefit from the money to be raised the following year. A large number of requests for donations come from many charities and it always a very difficult choice for the group to make. The main criteria in the constitution is that they need to be local charities in Oxfordshire, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire.

The organising group known as CAG has now expanded to 12 members and is at full capacity. This has made an enormous difference as it generates new ideas for fundraising. It means we can have a varied programme of events and there are more of us to manage each occasion. As with so many endeavours in life, success breeds success and so, as we have raised the profile of our efforts on behalf of the Phyllis Court Club, so we have also inspired more members to join us and thereby raise more money for these very worthy charitable causes. Proceeds have grown annually with £24,000 raised in 2013, £29,000 raised in 2015, £31,000 in 2016 and £36,000 in 2019. The charities who benefit from these donations are always incredibly grateful, resulting in us wishing we could raise more. 

Charity Action Group Info

Chairman - Diana Pearman

Secretary - Ruth Dean

Treasurer - Jane Jackson

CAG Events



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