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Membership Target Exceeded

23 December 2016

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We have had a fantastic year at Phyllis Court Club with a variety of exciting events and interest group activities.

We also had the momentous news that our founder, Roy Finlay's, hope of building a Sports and Fitness Pavilion at the Club will be met. In order to start the build the Membership Department hoped to increase membership to 3011.

This target has in fact been exceed with over 260 new Members joining. Membership Manager, Michelle White, is delighted to "welcome so many new Members to the Club".

The plans for the Sports and Fitness Pavilion, which is due in 2018, will now progress to the next stage. Anyone wishing to join Phyllis Court Club is encouraged to do so as soon as possible as Michelle explains "we will likely be moving to a waiting list soon". To apply please email
PHOTO: (left) Membership Administrator, Laura Williams and (right) Membership Manager, Michelle White.


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