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Join in with our weekly general knowledge quiz!

Put your knowledge to the test! Questions and answers will be shared on Thursday each week - good luck! 

Questions: 22nd October

1. Which country was the first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest?
2. Which English striker holds the record for the most Premier League goals?
3. The River Nile flows into which sea?
4. How many Oscars did Alfred Hitchcock win?
5. Earth is located in which galaxy?
6. How many seconds are there in one hour?
7. Which British politician served as Home Secretary between 2010 and 2016?
8. What is the name of Stacey's uncle in the popular BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey?
9. An object with 12 sides is commonly known by what name?
10. What type of pasta translates into English as 'little worms'?

Answers: 22nd October

1. Switzerland
2. Alan Shearer
3. Mediterranean Sea
4. One
5. The Milky Way
6. 3,600
7. Theresa May
8. Bryn
9. Dodecagon
10. Vermicelli


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