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To keep you entertained we've introduced a weekly quiz! 

Put your knowledge to the test! Questions and answers will be shared on Thursday each week - good luck! 

Questions: 13th August

1. 'The Chronicles of Narnia' is a children's book series written by which author?
2.  What is cherry blossom known as in Japanese?
3.  What is the name of the paper company where the UK version of The Office is based?
4.  Which famous British figure died on 24 January 1965?
5.  How much of the human body is water?
6.  Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?
7.  What is England's largest county with no coastline?
8.  What is the only mammal that cannot jump?
9.  How many pounds are in a stone?
10. What is the capital of Turkey?

Answers: 13th August

1. CS Lewis
2. Sakura
3. Wernham Hogg
4. Winston Churchill
5. 60%
6. The Moon
7. Shropshire
8. Elephants
9. 14
10. Ankara


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