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Questions 17th December

Quiz questions all about the news and current affairs of 2020

1. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, but which day does the Winter Solstice fall on this year?
2. What date was the first UK lockdown announced by Boris Johnson?
3. Whose statue was torn down and thrown into Bristol Harbour?
4. Including Donald Trump, how many US Presidents have been impeached?
5. Which footballer campaigned for free school vouchers to be extended in 2020?
6. According to Forbes, which entrepreneur became the first person in history to have a net worth of more than $200 billion?
7. Which hospital was Boris Johnson admitted to after contracting Covid-19?
8. Name the scheme that ran throughout August to encourage people to enjoy meals in restaurants, cafes and pubs
9. In which Chinese city was Covid-19 first identified?
10. Which social media app did Donald Trump try to block in the US?
11. What does Covid-19 stand for?
12. What’s the name of Boris Johnson’s baby born in 2020?
13. Who became the nation’s PE teacher during lockdown?
14. How did Captain Tom Moore raise more than £32million for the NHS?
15. Which country sent an unmanned space probe to the Moon?

Answers 17th December

1. Monday, December 21
2. 23rd March
3. Edward Colston
4. Three
5. Marcus Rashford
6. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
7. St Thomas' Hospital
8. Eat Out to Help Out
9. Wuhan
10. TikTok
11. Coronavirus Disease 2019
12. Wilfred Johnson
13. Jo Wicks
14. He walked 100 laps of his garden
15. China


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