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Performance Kinesiology

From Tuesday 6th October, Craig Buchanan will be at the Club doing Performance Kinesiology treatments. 

In order to heal the body we need to take into consideration the many different and connected departments that network together to form our body. Performance Kinesiology focuses on the relationship between the Physical structure, Biochemical and Emotional wellbeing.

The client lies down fully clothed on the treatment table whilst the Therapist places a muscle into contraction, light pressure is then applied to the muscle in the normal range of movement, if the muscle gives way (unlocks) or spasms (hypertonic) then this information is used to determine and treat the cause rather than the symptom. The treatment is gentle and non-invasive.

Craig will be at the Club on the first Tuesday of the month offering male and female performance Kinesiology therapy. If you’d like to arrange an appointment or have any questions please contact Craig on 07931 387255.

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