The Members Bar and Lounge

You can order sandwiches (12 noon - 5 pm) and drinks in the Members Bar, Lounge and Terrace - and we have a mobile ordering service so that you can order items to your table with ease. 

We have a selection of premium sandwiches available including a BLT, coronation chicken, traditional smoked salmon or smoked chicken with guacamole and herb pesto. If you prefer a more classic sandwich then you can enjoy tuna mayo, ham and mustard or egg and cress. 

There are cocktails, beer, cider and spirits available as well as soft drinks.

Sandwich Menu

Served on white, brown, granary or Genius gluten free bread with salad garnish and crisps.


Toasted all day breakfast - Free range egg, back bacon and Cumberland sausage with tomato sauce on milk bread (su,d,se,e,c) £7.50 

New York deli - Pastrami and Swiss cheese with gherkin, little gem lettuce and mustard mayo in a brioche roll (SU,D,MU,E,C,SO) £7.00

BBQ pulled pork with spring onion mayo, fried crispy onion and baby gem in an brioche roll  (su,d,se,mu,e,c) £6.50

BLT - Bacon, lettuce and tomato (D) £5.50

North Atlantic prawn with Mary Rose sauce and crispy baby gem (SU,F,CR,E,D,C) £6.50

Smoked salmon with beetroot hummus on rye bloomer (SU,F,SE,MU,C) £6.50

Smoked Scottish salmon with gherkin and cream cheese (D,F) £6.50

Rare Aberdeen Angus roast beef with creamed horseradish (E,D,MU) £7.00

Avocado Club - Coconut bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheddar and brie on granary bread (v) (su,d,mu,e,lu,c) £8.00

Crushed chickpea sandwich with gherkins, baby spinach, red onion and chervil on brown bread (vegan) (su,d,se,mu,e,c) £6.00

Grilled brie and rocket salad with cranberry sauce on Oxford sourdough bread (v) (SU,D,SE,MU,C) £5.50


Double Egg - Sliced free range egg and egg mayo with fine cress on white bread (v) (su,d,mu,e,c,so) £5.00

Tuna mayo (E,F,D) £4.25

 Honey glazed ham with Dijon mustard mayo (su,D,E,Mu) £4.75

Smoked paprika roast chicken and sweetcorn with seasoned mayo, tomato, rocket and lettuce, on granary bread (su,d,mu,e,lu,c) £5.75


Soup of the day £6.50

Add a bowl of chips £3.75



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