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All reservations are provisional until a written confirmation is received together with the signed and dated copy of this sheet together with the requisite deposit.  If an alternative enquiry is received before confirmation is received, then the provisional enquirer will be notified so that a decision may be made.


An advance deposit is required on confirmation of the booking.

2a. A further payment of 90% of the estimated total is required one month prior to the event to allow the event to go ahead, based on the full estimated charges including forecasted charges on bar spend.  Deposits are not refundable except in exceptional circumstances and at the total discretion of the Club's Management. 

2b. Credit card details are required in advance to cover any extras incurred on the day and we reserve the right to process any outstanding amounts the day after the event with an invoice supplied to confirm these charges. 


Such charges would not be submitted until the cancelled date has passed so that if another booking is taken no invoice will be issued.  They are set as a percentage of the expected total charge at these rates:

Notice of between 3-6 months 30%,  between 1-3 months 50%,  between 29 days – 14 days 90%, under 14 days 100%

Bedrooms: Less than seven working days in advance - Full charge


A discretionary 7% Service Charge will be added to the final invoice for food and beverage costs.


It is a requirement of all late evening functions with music or entertainment in the Ballroom and Finlay Suite and Riverside Pavilion for the Client to reserve bedrooms on the night of the event.   The requirement for the Ballroom and Finlay Suite is 1 x Deluxe Bedroom and 7 x Standard Bedrooms.  The requirement for the Riverside Pavilion is 1 x Deluxe Bedroom and 6 x Standard Bedrooms.  These bedrooms are offered at our current published rates, the charges for any unsold bedrooms will be added to the Client’s main account. If the Client is allocating the bedrooms then the names and contact details of all guests resident at Phyllis Court are required. 


If the Club is prevented or hindered from carrying out its obligations by circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as government intervention, strikes, labour disputes, accidents. Acts of God etc., then the Club's liability to the Client shall be no greater than the amount paid by the Client to the Club in respect of the function.  If for reasons beyond the Club's control the facilities reserved cannot be made available to the Client, the Club reserves the right to substitute similar or comparable facilities for the event and such a substitution shall be accepted by the Client as satisfactory performance by the Club of its obligations related thereto.


The Client shall pay for any loss or damage to any part of the premises, or to any fixtures or equipment which are damaged by the Client’s guests, employees or sub-contractors. The Club will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any article or personal belonging brought onto the premises by the Client.


The Client and all persons attending any function must comply with the requirements of the Club’s Premises Licence.


The minimum chargeable numbers apply for the Ballroom and Finlay Suite and for the Riverside Pavilion.  The minimum spend for the Ballroom is £3,500 and for the Riverside Pavilion is £2,000.  Definitive information on timing, layout, drinks, menu and estimated numbers is required FOURTEEN DAYS in advance of the booked date. Final numbers are required not less than SEVEN WORKING DAYS in advance for minimum charge.  If final numbers are below that stated as the minimum requirement of the booking, then the agreed minimum number will still be charged. 


The decibel meter at Phyllis Court is set to 95 Db.  Before securing a booking with a band/DJ the Client must ensure they are aware of this limit. The Ballroom and Finlay Suite maximum is 8 band members.  The Riverside Pavilion maximum is 4 band members. 


All property left on Phyllis Court premises is left at the owner’s risk.  Flowers must be collected by 12 noon the following day after the event, after this time they will be discarded.


It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the Dress Code is adhered to.   All visitors to the Club shall be suitably and properly dressed (which may include National Dress) when within the Club premises.  Denim jeans or trainers are not permitted.  Specific dress codes must be observed in certain areas of the Club as detailed in the Club Dress Code information. Mobile Phones are not allowed to be used in the Club Lounge area.


Unless stated otherwise, all charges include VAT at the current rate. The Club will endeavour to hold charges as quoted at the time of confirmation, with the exception of changes to VAT and excise duty.  Under exceptional circumstances prices may be subject to alteration.  Food is charged on a per capita basis. Children under 12 years of age are charged at 50%.  Drinks and wines are charged as ordered in advance and as consumed. Corkage is not offered.  Outside catering is not permitted.


A detailed invoice will be sent within seven days of the function taking place.  Full settlement, by debit card, credit card, or bank transfer is required within 30 days of the function date.  If payment has not been received within 30 days, a surcharge of 2.5% of the total, per month, or part thereof, will be added. 

31st May 2018


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