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6 February 2017

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Today (06/02/2017) marks 65 years since Her Majesty The Queen acceded to the throne. We have fond memories of her visit to Phyllis Court Club on 6th November 1998. Here is a piece from our History book 'Phyllis Court, Club and Manor', about the day:

Chairman at the time , Grahame Hattam was initially incredulous in September 1998 when the Club Manager ... telephoned to say that Phyllis Court had been asked if the Queen could visit. Elizabeth II would be coming to Henley to open the new River & Rowing Museum The most fitting way for her to arrive there was clearly by boat, and officials wondered if she might use the Club as the point of embarkation for her short voyage. The answer was never in doubt.

The Council bought forward the resurfacing of the riverside path (later to be known as The Queen's Walk) and the police inspected every manhole, drain, boat and bush in vicinity, as well as making as underwater survey. 

...As the black Rolls-Royce came into view, the Royal Standard rose over the Clubhouse. ... There the Queen alighted, amid loud cheers, to be welcomed by the Chairman. (He) handed her a single red rose, the ancient rent of Phyllis Court, offered today as a token of loyalty and affection.'

Her Majesty's portrait is displayed in the Lounge in the Club House.


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