The Croquet Club

Compete or simply play for fun

Croquet has been played at Phyllis Court since 1906, but after a period of dormancy it was reactivated in the 1980s by a band of enthusiasts for the game.

We play both forms of the sport - Association Croquet (AC), which has been played in England since Victorian times, and the simpler and now more popular Golf Croquet (GC).  We have four courts, which are maintained in excellent condition.

The Croquet Club is a very active club and caters for all levels of ability.  Many of our members play competitively, some even at international level, while many others prefer to enjoy their croquet socially. The main season runs from March to October, but the courts remain open for the hardier souls through most of the winter.

We have several qualified coaches and run courses for both beginners and improvers through the season, with beginners’ training concentrated in April as we encourage new members to join for the start of the season.  For those who like to play socially there are two ‘Mix-in’ (‘Roll-up’) afternoons a week when members can meet and play against other members, usually in a doubles format.  We have other initiatives too, such as a Rainbow, to help the integration of new members into the club and to allow existing members to expand their playing circle.

For those who want to play competitively there is a range of club tournaments and competitions to suit all ages and abilities.  The club fields five teams to play in inter-club matches in the Southern Croquet Federation (SCF). We have recently won a number of the SCF leagues and were runners-up in the National GC Inter-Cub Championship in 2018 and 2019; we also have a number of individual national champions amongst our membership.



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