Swimming Pool Rules

To ensure that all Members have the best experience possible in the Fitness Centre, we ask that you review and abide by the current conditions of use and rules in the swimming pool.

The Fitness Centre team reserventhe right to limit you to 20 minutes in the swimming pool in busy periods.
The swimming pool does not have a life guard, therefore you swim at your own risk.
The pool depth is 1.2m so in the interest of safety, no running, jumping or diving is permitted in the swimming area.
No balls, floats, or inflatable’s are permitted in the swimming pool area other than those provided by Phyllis Court. Buoyancy aids and kickboards are permitted.
Members are required to shower before using the pool and solarium , also when moving between the pool and sanarium.
Long hair should be tied up or in a swimming cap whilst in the swimming pool.
Pool loungers may not be reserved. Please do not leave a towel or personal belongings unattended on a lounger.
Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pool and sanarium. Swimwear that covers large areas of the body (including burkinis and full body swimsuits) is permitted provided the safety of the swimmer is not compromised.
Please swim in a lane that is appropriate to your speed of swimming.
Be respectful of other members.
Flip flops may be worn on poolside and in the changing rooms.
The swimming pool and saunarium close 20 minutes prior to the Fitness Centre closing.
No two activities will take place at the same time in the pool.

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