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The Fitness Centre will enhance the facilities for our Members, particularly improving our health and wellbeing. The current plans include a modern building with an exercise studio, gym, treatment rooms, changing facilities for all (including the outdoor interest groups) and a 20-metre swimming pool. There would be a coffee/juice bar for all to enjoy. 

Why does Phyllis Court need a Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre would benefit both current and future Members. It would expand our current offering, providing increased value for money for all our Members.

What is the impact on the tennis courts?

The tennis club will benefit from the resurfacing of the 4 courts (to En-Tout-Cas Savanna specifications). The tennis courts have new lighting, access and will be a real advantage for the tennis club.

Will there be any catering in the Fitness Centre?

Hot and cold (soft) drinks and light pre-packed foods would be available for purchase in the reception area.

Of course we would encourage Members to continue to take advantage of the Orangery, Terrace, Members’ Bar and Lounge while they are on site.


Will a Fitness Centre change the atmosphere of Phyllis Court?

We don’t believe it will, as there would only be one Phyllis Court membership; any users of the Fitness Centre will be members of Phyllis Court and obliged to conform to the dress code and other Club rules and bye-laws. All prospective members will go through the same process before joining the Club as in the past, involving the Membership Committee. The Fitness Centre will be located away from the main Clubhouse.

What are the health benefits to Members from the Fitness Centre?

The Government recommends exercising at least 5 times per week for 30 minutes. Government reports show that ease of access is important to maintain regular exercise and the availability of The Fitness Centre at the Club will provide this to Members. (Dept of Health factsheet November 2011).

There is strong scientific evidence that being physically active can lead to a healthier and happier life and boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy as well as reducing the risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

It is well recognised that, regardless of age, regular exercise reduces the risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers by up to 50% and lowers the risk of early death by up to 30%.

Swimming and water-based exercises put less strain on joints as the body is supported by water; those with back pain, spine, hip and knee conditions benefit from water-based activities.

We believe it could be more convenient and less expensive for those Members who currently travel to other clubs.


Who can use the facility?

The Fitness Centre will be available only for Members, Members’ Guests and Hotel Residents (and NOT for the general public).

Every Member of the Club will have full access to all of the facilities within the Fitness Centre at no extra charge beyond the increase in subscriptions. 

There are no plans to charge for use of the pool, gym, an exercise studio, changing facilities or classes. There will, however, be a charge for treatments and personal training.

Members would be allowed to bring guests in line with the current policy of 6 visits per year;  charges will apply. 

Opening hours would be determined in the future but the Members’ survey carried out in 2015 demonstrated there is demand from early morning through to evening, 7 days per week. These opening hours are within the conditions attached to the 2014 Planning Permission.


Where will the Fitness Centre be located?

The building of circa 1100 sq metres is to be located on the west side of the visitors’ car park.

This site will have minimal impact on neighbours.

This site is the only location approved by SODC.

It will enable uninterrupted operation of the Clubhouse and Riverside Pavilion. 

It will also leave future development space for the Clubhouse. 

Will Phyllis Court provide instructors and personal trainers?

The Club would employ a suitably qualified manager to run the facility who will identify appropriate instructors, personal trainers and therapists to provide a range of classes and services for Members. 


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